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About Me

Hi! We haven't met yet but I will tell you what, when it happens I will treat you like you're the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I'm going to enjoy your company, support you and get to know you. We'll become great friends. We'll have fun, and I'll always do my best to make sure that writing to me was the best decision you ever made.

I am not prejudice, I will write to anyone and treat you with the upmost respect. I will never lie to you nor do I play games.

I have completed 14 Bible studies and received certificates for a master degree and doctor of philosophy in religion. Over the past 25 years I have completed three home studies and have read 50 or more books about real estate investment. Did you know that all the self-made millionaires in the United, 75% make their money in real estate. This is something that I'd like to do if I ever get released.

I collect stamps, love to cook, listen to country music, and drive through the country when it snows. I am third in the birth cycle of 9. I have one older brother and sister. I lost touch with everyone years ago. Before coming to prison I had a wife and boy/girl set of twins and a younger daughter. My wife passed in 2011 and my kids no longer right.

I came to prison with a 7th grade education. After getting my GED I entered building maintenance class. After three hundred hours of blueprint reading, 300 hours of Plumbing, 300 hours of welding, and 300 hours of electricity I graduated. Because of my prior knowledge of electricity I stayed as a teacher aide for three and a half years helping other students.

If you decide to right here is a suggestion. Go to:www.gtl.net/message there you will be able to set up an email for us it will cost you $5 but you will receive $4 in email vouchers. Emails are $0. 20 each. I'll be waiting to hear from you.

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Education: Highschool
Military: No


Bruce Wilcoxen pH.d - A78306
Big Muddy River
251 N. ill. Hwy. #37
Ina, IL 62846