Paying for an inmate

What are the payment methods available when listing an inmate?

If you are listing an inmate online you can pay using a debit or credit card. you will be prompted to create an account and add a card before you can list the inmate. Another method of payment is by check or money order. To pay by check or money order, make it payable to: Caged Kingdom and mail to Caged Kingdom, 4023 Banbury way, Antioch CA 94531. When paying by check or money order, your check or money order must be accompanied by a letter with the name and inmates number of the inmate who's listing you are paying for. The check will be held until the inmate application is received.

Inmates also have the option of paying with Forever postage stamps. When paying with Forever stamps, one complete book of 20 stamps is valued at $7 and covers the cost of a one-year membership. Stamps must be undamaged, not bent, not written on or marked on. stamps must be in good condition or they will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender. Caged kingdom is not responsible for stamps that are returned to an inmate and refused by the facility’s mailroom.

How to list an inmate

To list an inmate click list and inmates on the menu. Make a user account if you haven't already. Follow the steps there. If you have an issue such as a website error, contact support at:

Caged Kingdom’s success

How long does it take to receive mail or make a connection?

Each profile is different and results will vary. The best way to get results is to write a bio that grabs a browsers interest. My advice towards writing a good bio is to be genuine and direct. Good pictures also get better results. It's good to have pictures that are not blurry, we’re browsers can see you clearly.

Using Quick Reply

What is Quick Reply?

Quick reply was developed to give people a reliable way to send photos and messages to their loved ones.

How do I upload photos that I want to send?

To upload photos, click choose file button. Select all of the photos that you wants to upload. There is only one shoes file button, use this button to upload all the photos you want to upload then click upload. Your photos will be uploaded.

When will my mail reach its destination?

Once your mail order is placed, it will be processed within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation that will be sent to the email that you have on your Caged Kingdom account. The mail will be sent out with the first USPS outgoing mail shipment. Once you mail reaches the destination it’s address to, it will depend on the facility’s mailroom when the inmate will receive it.

Each inmate listed on cage Kingdom can be contacted using Quick Reply. To contact an inmate through Quick Reply, select one of the packages on the inmates profile and upload your photos and messages from there. For technical support contact:

Does Caged Kingdom use quality products?

Caged Kingdom uses high quality gloss photo paper to print each individual photo for all Quick Reply orders.

Browsing inmates profiles

How do I find a specific inmate or type of inmate?

In inmate profiles, you can narrow your search by a number of factors by filtering. You can also search an inmate by typing his or her name in the inmate name search bar. You can also use an inmates incarceration number in the name search bar.


What is your refund policy?

All refund request for inmate listings must be made within 48 hours from the time your order was made. after 48 hours there will be no refunds. Due to the quick processing of Quick Reply orders, there are no refunds for Quick Reply services unless an order does not meet requirements, in this case the customer will be refunded.

How do I request a refund?

To request a refund, click the email icon or send an email to stating your request and reason for your request.

Listing an inmate

I began listing in inmate but did not finish. How do I finished the listing I started?

To finish listing and inmates profile that you started, log into your Caged Kingdom account, go to your dashboard, click the listing that you wants to finish and complete the profile.

Inmate emails

Can inmates correspond with Caged Kingdom through email?

Caged Kingdom will correspond with inmates through FREE inmate email companies.

Inmate background check

How can I check an inmate's charges and offenses?

All inmates are entered into the government’s database system once they're booked for a crime. When inmates register on Caged Kingdom, they list their convicting offense.

How can I find out what an inmate is in prison for?

To verify an inmate's offense, visit the Department of Corrections website for the state that the inmate is out. Look the inmate up in the directory by using their name and inmate number. you can also Google search an inmate using their first and last name and inmate number to get more information.

Facebook promotion

What is Facebook promotion?

Facebook promotion is a paid advertisement provided by Facebook. Caged Kingdom pays Facebook to promote inmate profiles across the Facebook community.

How much does Facebook promotion cost?

The cost of Facebook promotion is $7 or a book of 20 stamps.

Why should I pay for a promotion?

A Facebook promotion is not free and we must pay a fee to Facebook. Your payment covers the promotion cost and Caged Kingdom’s labor and supplies

Is Facebook promotion worth it?

A Facebook promotion guarantees your profile will be shown to 250 people who have interest similar to the inmates, based on the inmates info in his or her application and bio. An inmate's profile being reviewed individually on its own promotion, separate from all other profiles, greatly increases the chances of someone writing the inmate and the inmate making a connection.


Why can’t I checkout with more than one item?

Caged Kingdom shop only allows you to checkout one item at a time, this is because the way our website is set up to allow custom text on some products, single item check out allows us to apply the customization to the correct item without confusion.

Any questions or technical difficulties with Caged Kingdom shopping contact us through email.