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Caged Kingdom was created to provide inmates and their families and supporters the services they need to help them be productive and have the protection they are entitled to during their incarceration.

Our prices are set to make Caged Kingdom accessible by all inmates and allow them to seek the support they need. we prioritize customer service and give each inmates the individual support they need. The quality of service that inmates receive from us is better than any other pen pal service. Caged Kingdom also advocates for our members to help protect their rights.

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Our pen pal membership is available to all inmates. it's very of double and we accept a variety of payment methods to make it easily accessible by all inmates.

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Send photos in messages to anyone, anywhere fast using this service. Our photos are printed on high quality photo gloss paper. Photos and messages are processed within 24 hours and shipped buy USPS in the first outgoing mail shipment. We offer the services at the best prices.

News and inmate posts:

Get free news and updates about issues going on in prisons across the country and read articles and essays written by inmates on our news page.

We can be contacted for any questions or support by email: cagedkingdom@gmail.com


Caged Kingdom’s goal is to provide incarcerated men and women throughout the nation with support and opportunities to be productive during their incarceration. Caged Kingdom also wants to make sure that inmates know their rights and how to protect them while incarcerated.


Caged Kingdom has the lowest priced penpal service for inmates. $14 gets you a year long membership with your profile displayed on Caged Kingdom’s high quality website. To sign up for a membership is easy just follow these steps: Send an SASE to Caged Kingdom asking for an application and follow the directions provided on the application. Success of finding a penpal through Caged Kingdom is not guaranteed but chances are good. We network with dozens of groups that advocate for inmates and want to get you the support you need. Once your profile is posted you will receive confirmation and a printout of your profile by mail. You can post up to 4 photos on your profile. If you do not have a photo and want to request for us to retrieve your photo from another website, we charge $3.50 or 10 Forever Stamps. You are responsible for giving us a reliable link to retrieve your photos! Your profile shows only one photo at a time and web users have to swipe to see the next photo. Your bio can be up to 250 words in length. Changes your bio will cost $3.50 (paying in stamps it will be 10 forever stamps.)These changes can be to the info on the application, to your bio, or photo replacement. There will be no changes made to your profile without additional charge unless it is something that was entered incorrectly that was on your original submission. Most information is automated when entered into our system somethings may not be exact. Answers you enter on your application will be the nearest answer available to the one you selected.

Each quarter of the year Caged Kingdom will judge an art contest. You must be an incarcerated member to enter the contest. To enter the contest simply send in your original artwork with a letter asking to be in the next art Contest. The contest quarters are as follows: Jan 1st – Mar 31st, Apr 1st-Jun 31st, Jul 1st- Sep 31st, Oct 1st – Dec 31st. Art submissions need to be submitted within the quarter and judging will be the following month and winners will be notified in all fairness. Prizes are as follows: 1st- $100, 2nd- $50, 3rd- $25. Money will be sent to winners trust account. Send an SASE with your art and provide information needed to send money to your trust account.

Caged Kingdom wants to help Inmates have independence during their incarceration and we aim to do this through providing you a platform to exploit your artistic talent. We are developing a store where we can sale inmates art. There are many possibilities that can be with earning profit for your artwork. If you have original designs that you think we can sale replicas of so that you can have a continuous income based off sales please share it with us. We can possibly put it in our store. Replicas of your original art can be sold on shirts and other clothing, mugs, cards, and many other things. We won’t ask for a large commission off your work and while we’re at it. We’ll get you copyrights to your work. We are working to get the store up soon. In the meantime time feel free to share your work with us.(Please send with an SASE for return and be sure that your facility allows it to be sent back to you).


We encourage you to have others such as family and friends visit the website. Your profile can be found quickly by entering your name or inmate # in the search bar. People can also sign you up online. When making payments make sure your check is verified by your institution before sending it. Stamps must be CLEAN. No tears, stains, or writing. They must be undamaged and unbent. You shall receive one printout of your profile once it is posted to Caged Kingdom. Additional printouts of your profile will cost $1.00 or 4 Forever stamps.


For $14 or 20 Forever Stamps, you can get a paid promotion post on Facebook advertising. This is not just a regular Facebook post. Facebook advertising is a service reserved only for certified Facebook business pages. We customize each promotional ad to reach the demographic audience most likely to want to connect with someone like you, based on the info provided in your application and bio. This guarantees your profile to reach 250 people in addition to the normal traffic on Cagedkingdom.net. and this ad will be dedicated specifically to your profile only. You will receive a print out verification, showing the exact number of people who your profile was shown to and the ones who reacted to it. A profile promotion greatly speeds up and increases the chance for you to make a connection quickly. Promotion of your profile could take up to 1 week. You will receive your verification printout when the promotion is done. To get your promotion send us a letter requesting a profile promotion along with your payment; $14 institutional check or 20 Forever Stamps. There's no limit on the number of promotions you can request.

QUICK REPLY: Caged Kingdom also has a photo messaging feature on our website, www.cagedkingdom.net/mail. Here your family can upload photos and messages from their phone and we’ll send them to you quickly. Tell your family and friends about it. Now they don’t have to take away from their schedule to send you mail and photos.

Send a SASE( self addressed stamped envelope) to request an application.


Email: cagedkingdom@gmail.com

Address: Caged Kingdom
4023 Banbury Way
Antioch, CA 94531