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Inside Look

By: Caged Kingdom

The fear of covid (the coronavirus) is a phobia that plagues many of us. Some, more than others.You've heard of the high rates of infections in our country with this easily transmittable disease. It's no joke! People are being killed by this virus...

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Hard To Escape Violence In Prison

By: Caged Kingdom

In 2012 I was still involved in gang activity and at the time I was in Stateville Correctional Center (Illinois DOC), where they did not put members of the same or similar games in the same cell. So I was in the cell with a member of a gang that ...

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We Can Make A Difference

By: Caged Kingdom

We love our friends and family who are in prison. No matter what mistake they made to land them in the cages of society, love is an emotion that endures.I always hear complaints about the treatment our loved ones receive in prison, about the negl...

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Crimes Against Society

By: Caged Kingdom

CRIMES AGAINST SOCIETY             ________________________The misdeeds and mistakes that landed us in prison areoften labeled as "Crimes Against Society."   Throughout years of incarceration and sometimes, evena lifetime behinds these prison wal...

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Members of Caged Kingdom get full access to incredible opportunities. Inmates can have a reliable link to the outside and even earn cash while serving out their sentence. $7 gets an inmate a full year membership. Sign your loved one up today! We will be a platform and the voice for the incarcerated. Giving our best support to each one of our members.

Hello, My name is James. I'm from "tha Minks and Gator" Capital "Detroit City "! I'm currently locked up physically but definitely not mentally or emotionally. I'm just reaching out to you and hoping to get to know you. I'm as real as they come. Very down to earth. Loving,caring, and loyal. I'm into sports, music, and laughing. Despite life's ups and downs I stay positive and optimistic. However I would like to expand my world and make friends from allover. I have this new wine label it's called "ECHELON " and it is organic. You'll love it. So tell a friend to tell a friend and so on.... You can contact me also on Jpay.com, James Jones #362351. Until I hear from you take care.
James Jones - 362351
Jackson , MI

David Horton - 213313
West Liberty, KY

Kristopher Harold
Kristopher Harold - 2090621
Dilley , TX

Integrity Over Dishonor
L.R. Bucfitt - 604092
Toledo , OH