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By: Caged Kingdom

USA: #1 in Incarcerating Citizens, Last in Parental SupportThe United States has less than 5% of the world's population yet contains 25% of those incarcerated worldwide, including 40% of life sentences. The US also happens to be the only country in ...

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By: Caged Kingdom

Does Abandoning Parolees Increase Public Safety?Here in the US we spend more than $42,000/year incarcerating each prisoner only to release him/her, leaving them essentially to fend for themselves. In a new special report released by the US Departm...

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Despite Federal Court Ruling, Michigan Still Pu...

By: Caged Kingdom

  On September 24, 2020 US District Court Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton for the Northern District of California granted a motion requiring the US Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, and the United States of America to stop withholding CA...

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By: Caged Kingdom

 Don't bother Goggling that.  The University of  CYA (Cover Your Ass) is a degree that can only be obtain in the FBOP.          A few days ago, I sent an e-mail to the Warden about the incompetence of his staff here at USP Victorville because the...

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Looking For Long-term Friendship/Relationship/Love and Happiness. Female Companion & Partner
Derrick Lee Cardello-Smith - 267009
Ionia, MI

My name is Brandall I am looking for friends I prefer phone calls and writing a letter because I CAN receive jpay messages but cannot send any.
Brandall Herring - 689393
Manistee, MI

Just man
Derrick jordan - 20220719117
Chicago , IL

I'm Devin I stand 6'4 and 225 pounds with and althletic build, I am confident humorous and ambitious. I would like to meet a women for a meaningful and lasting friendship, maybe even more if timing and chemistry connects. If I sound like someone you would like to learn more about don't hesitate to respond. Contact me directly by using the jpay app. Add my name and my OID or leave me a voicemail at 507-204-3976 hope to hear from you soon.
Devin Jones - 195814
Faribault , MN